Monday, September 2, 2013

This week marks 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2... I think. Forgive me if my math is wrong.

3 months this week! That's weird. I've been out here forever, but for no time at all. Also, I'm still a baby as they call it in the mission. I'm super young, but loving the work.

Ok.... Where to begin? It's finally cooling down!!! I used a sheet last night when I slept because I was a little cold... It was the most wonderful experience. It's still like 80% F in our house, but I think my body is evolving. Or maybe just adapting. Evolving sounds cooler. Maybe I'll get some fins or gills or something.

There are lots of buses in Korea. And the drivers are CRAZY. All the drivers, including just cars. If you're in the street and they're coming, they honk. They don't slow down. They just honk and keep coming hard and fast. I'm surprised I haven't seen any dead people yet, because there should be tons of accidents. Also, police aren't much of a presence in Korea. So drivers pretty much do whatever they want. The people that own motorized scooters and motorcycles just zip around on sidewalks and into oncoming traffic. I'm half tempted to come back after my mission and get a little dirtbike and brave the streets of Seoul. It looks pretty fun.

We met a guy named Brother 김 (Kim) while 전도ing (memorize 전도 (jun-doh), it means to proselyte, but I can never remember the word "proselyte") on the street a couple of weeks ago. He's super cool and 29 years old and speaks some English, which is wonderful. He's one of the kindest people I've ever met and I love teaching him. He has no religious background, so it's really interesting talking about things like the existence of God, which we kind of just take for granted. But so many people don't even know a God EXISTS. Crazy. He is progressing okay and still wants to meet with us, which is so so awesome.

I've been reading Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel, which talks about gaining Christlike Attributes. It's scary for me, because it makes me realize even more how imperfect I am. But it makes me all the more grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and for the opportunity we have to repent. It's so amazing! We can be made clean. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice. In regards to becoming like Christ, Elder Russell M. Nelson said this: "Be patient with yourself. Perfection does not come in this life, but the next. Don't demand of yourself unreasonable things. But demand of yourself improvement." That was a paraphrase, but pretty accurate. That's a mormon message I think. Watch it! I don't know what it's called, but it starts with him in a plane.

Life is good. I've been here for so long. And I also just got here. Time is so weird. The language is REALLY hard, but I learn a little bit more every day. I love the Lord, I love kimchi, and I love Korea!
Love, Elder Edwards

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