Monday, September 23, 2013

추석! (choo-sok)

Hello everyone! I'm still in Korea and it's still kind of hot and I'm still happy!

This week was the 추석 holiday, which is the second biggest holiday of the year here in Korea. It's celebrating the biggest harvest of the year, and basically people get together from all over Korea and eat food and talk about their ancestors. It's basically an American Thanksgiving with weird rice cakes and kimchi.

Because 추석 is kind of crazy, and because there are different people in different parts of the country, it makes the proselyting side of missionary work pretty ineffective. So this week we were only allowed to proselyte on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was really weird.

President Christensen ended up holding a mission conference on Thursday, and afterward we all hung out as a mission did fun things together.

Friday, we had weekly planning and then "Change Day". Basically, President Christensen wanted us to spend all day cleaning our apartments. Which we did. It was a LONG 8 hours, but fun at the same time. We found some things in the fridge that can no longer be classified as food, which almost made Elder 구 throw up.
Our new clean fridge with ZERO food.

And we finally moved out this ancient oven that had been chilling in a corner of our house for at least a century. Probably not a century, but definitely a long time. There were some nasty big spiders, which we dispatched of quite neatly with very little girlish screaming. Ugh.
Our oven.
On Saturday, we had a giant Zone P-day, which was super fun. We played ping-pong and signs, and watched "The Best 2 Years"! That was really weird. I definitely see that movie from a different perspective now that I'm actually a missionary. But it was super fun!

They still had us email on Monday, so that's why I'm emailing today. 추석 was really fun, but I'm super excited to get back to real missionary work. It's funny how much happier I am when I'm doing the things that seem "less" fun, like proselyting. But this is what the Lord sent us out here to do, to find and teach and convert! And he blesses us as we do so.

I'm grateful to all of you out there that are praying for me and helping me along the way! I love you all!

Love, Elder Edwards

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