Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to Korea.

AUGH.... There's zero time to write. Sorry. This will probably be a short one.
I think about language ALL the time. There are little 5 year olds running around in the street speaking perfect Korean (for a 5 year old) and they never had to try to learn Korean. They just know it. They have no idea how difficult their language is. But then I think about English. It's easy. It's just speaking. I never really had to learn and don't have to think about how to say something. It just comes. But English is SO hard for my companion! It's a really difficult language! Anyway. Language is cool. Korean is hard, but I'm enjoying it.
We did exchanges on Wednesday or Thursday. My companion told me the night before. I also found out then that I would be the senior companion for that exchange because it's an Elder from my MTC group and we would be serving in MY area, which means I should know it better. Ha. That was a fun day. We 전도'd (proselyted) the whole time. We spoke lots of broken Korean, and understood very little. It was a great learning experience.
Good frisbees don't exist in Korea. I'm so MAD! But I was able to buy a soccer ball, so things are okay.
People are funny. We had three investigators that were going to come to church with us yesterday. 2 of them COMMITTED to come, and the other one said maybe. The two that committed didn't show and wouldn't answer text or calls that whole day. Super frustrating. The other guy texted and said he had a bad hangover, so he wasn't going to make it. Every time someone cancels (or "punk"s as they call it here) my companion says "Welcome to Korea". It's funny. And frustrating. But we are working hard and trusting in the Lord! People have their agency, so they can choose for themselves.
Good luck to all y'all starting school up tomorrow. Summer went by REALLY fast. Study hard and love every minute of it!
I love you all,
Elder Edwards

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