Sunday, August 18, 2013

I sweat when I sleep.

Hi everyone!!! This week went by super fast. It was really fun and really fast.

First off, I want to apologize for any spelling errors in this email and for the next two years. None of these computers have spell check, and my english is failing me. Seriously though, my english is getting worse. It's really weird. But also super cool.

Korean is coming along. It's super hard, but I'm loving learning it. I understand a little bit more every day. It's really slow progress, but definitely progress. I kind of expected to just wake up one morning and be fluent (who knows, that could happen), but I guess it doesn't work like that. It's progressing though, which is so so cool! Sometimes I think I'm getting really good... but then I spend a few seconds pushing on a door which clearly says "pull" (단기세요) and I remember that I don't know very much Korean. It reminds me of the Far Side comic where the door says pull and the kid is pushing as hard as he can. That's me.

I can't get over the food here. It's so fantastic. And sometimes really gross. A potential investigator fed us bean ice cream. It's not like that delicious vanilla bean ice cream back at home. It's like ice chunks and black bleans. It was pretty disgusting. But I choked it down to be nice. Bleh. But food here is really cheap, so we can eat out at restaurants pretty often and it's so yummy.

Wow... I read different peoples emails with how many lessons they're teaching in a week... That's a ton!! We don't teach a lot of lessons here... Maybe 5 in a week if we're lucky. But we're working really hard every day. Most of the day is spent proselyting on the street, which is actually really fun. It's a good opportunity to practice Korean and meet people. Most people don't like us, but it's fun. There are a lot of drunk people on the streets, which is really funny. Sometimes the drunk dudes buy us ice cream... It's weird. But I'm not complaining.

We had two guys who were kind of progressing, and one even wants to be baptized! But both of them have completely cut off communication this past week, and we have no idea why... Both committed to come to church this week, but didn't show and wouldn't answer calls. So dumb. But, in the middle of Sacrament meeting, some guy called and said that he was here outside the church! He had gone to our church in Japan and somehow found out about our church here. So we're going to pick him up as an investigator!

Last monday (P-day) we went to a 목굑탕 (mog-gyok-tang), otherwise known as a bath house. That was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. We just got to chill in hot tubs and cold pools for an hour. (Don't worry, it's approved by the mission president.) Pretty cool.

Life is good! Korea is awesome!

Elder Edwards

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