Friday, June 28, 2013

Halfway. But really just 1/24.

Today marks halfway until K-Day. It has both been the most eternal 4.5 weeks of my life, and super short. Oh well. Time really plays tricks on me here.
This week was.... Less good. I have been sick as a dog, so it's been a real bummer. It's just a bad cough though... so no worries. I'm pretty sure I didn't catch Elder P's gall bladder disease. (just kidding. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a gall bladder disease. But that would be cool if I got it.) I also had to spend SO MUCH TIME in the hospital (for Elder P). It was so so long and I missed a lot of class. Also a bummer.
Ok... We had the worldwide broadcast on Sunday! That was super awesome. I was in the choir... and no, I wasn't in the video. I checked. Dumb. But we got to see the quorum of the 12! Cool story: Elder P and I had to go the the Front Desk so he could call his parents, and the front desk bossy lady told me to sit down in a chair and don't move, because the whole quorum of the 12 and first presidency were going to come right through the Front Desk in like 5 minutes!!!!! I was super pumped. I was going to meet ALL the church leaders. And then..... Elder P finished his phone call and we went on our way. HUGE letdown. But I still got to see them from afar at the broadcast, so that was good.
Because all the church leaders have been at the MTC for the last few days, security is CRAZY. The MTC completely shutdown building 1M, which is where the cafeteria was. So we had to eat in the gym for a week. I'm pretty sure they fed us straight up deep fried dog food and there was not hot sauce to ease our great burden. But I survived, so no worries.
We had 4 Korean missionaries come this week! One elder and 3 sisters. They are all going to be serving in Seoul-South. I keep bouncing Korean off Elder Im (the Korean elder), and he laughs at me a lot. Oh well. The language will come, and it's good to have a native to practice with.
Elder P got his gall bladder out on Monday. We were in the hospital ALL DAY. It was so long. But it was okay, because they pumped him up on a lot of narcotics so he was really funny. He doesn't remember any of it now... But he spent a good 2 hours alternating between sobbing uncontrollably and asking if I was his son. And who he was and where he was from. Super funny. And a little sad. But mostly funny. He is still pretty weak 5 days later, but he's doing okay. And they wouldn't let him keep his gall bladder, which we were both very disappointed about.
Elder P's American visa expires on Monday and his Korean visa expires if he doesn't get there by Tuesday... So he is flying out Monday morning at 2:30! I'm happy for him, and happy to have life go back to a little bit more normal.
Korean grammar is crazy weird. It's Subject, Object, Verb. Instead of Subject, Verb, Object, like English. So "God loves us" becomes "God us loves". It's weird. The missionary purpose in English is:
      Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.
But in Korean it looks like....
     Other people Christ and his atonement faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost gift receive, and end to enduring through restored gospel in order to receive, to help, to Jesus Christ, help, invite.
It's awful. Nuff said. But really fun.
Life is good!
Elder Edwards

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