Monday, June 3, 2013


(We received this email on Friday, May 31)

Holy cow. Sensory overload. It is totally crazy here. But I love it :)
Hello! My P-days are on Friday, so cool beans. It has been a crazy couple of days. On Wednesday they shuffled me through to pick up my badge and then sent me straight to my Korean class. The teacher spoke nothing but Korean to us, so we mostly figured out what to do through pantomime (spelled right?). But luckily our teacher (Brother Kristensen, who hails from Kaysville) is speaking SOME english to us now. My companions are Elder Savas and Elder Grimshaw. Both have lived in UT their whole lives and both are going to the Seoul mission as well. I like them a lot. We have 5 elders packed into our residence, but we handle it pretty well. Also, my alarm clock doesn't work. Stupid thing. But I'll be getting a new one at the store here so no worries :)
Sorry if this email is scattered, I'm a little scattered right now.
When we get into our regular schedules next week, we will be spending 6 hours a day learning Korean. Woah. We already sat through 3 hours yesterday though and it wasn't so bad. And those youtube videos that I watched on Korean? They're totally helping. Sweet. We get 50 minutes of gym time every day which is awesome. I played soccer with a bunch of elders and kicked some butt. At the MTC, Ultimate Frisbee is forbidden. I'm so sad. No clue why it's forbidden, but I'll trust that it's the right thing! Also, the showers aren't community showers. I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy!! They're separate stalls with curtains. Except for one without the curtain, which we have termed the Glory Shower.
Yesterday we had a huge zone meeting for all the incoming Korean missionaries. 68 total new Korean missionaries, all of which are going to Korea except for 2 going to Australia. We also all had interviews in that meeting, and at the end they called the district leaders. I am now the district leader of district E. Oh boy. I'm slightly stressed, but excited to serve!
I'm totally like Ender. Here I am in the new batch of launchies and I have been separated from the group like Graff (or Anderson?) did to Ender. Except unlike Battle School everyone here is nice and I don't feel separate. So cool. It's weird to thing that all of the veterans of the MTC, who are speaking awesome Korean and are confident in their skills, have only been here for 4-6 WEEKS!! I'm confident in mine and my district's ability to learn this language and to teach with the spirit.
The food is excellent. And I don't think I'm going to get super fat, so that's a bonus.
I got my immunization record, so thanks much Mom.
Can I just ask why I haven't been introduced to anti-perspirant deoderant until now? It's a MARVEL. I don't even sweat. Haneous.
It's crazy what can be accomplished waking up at 6:30 (which is hard, but I'm doing it.) I woke up this morning at 5 (yes, five o clock) all by myself so the zone leader could teach me some stuff. And then we all went and did service and came back and changed and went to the gym and showered and then it was only 9:30am. I'm usually not awake until 11am. So I'm loving getting up in the mornings.
I saw Elder McGrath, which was really good. Apparently it's consecration week for him, which means he can only speak Albanian. So we couldn't communicate at all, but it was good to see him. :)
I haven't really taken any pictures yet, but they'll come!
Life is so good. I am loving the work. I am so grateful to be here. I love you all.

Elder Edwards

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