Monday, June 3, 2013

Going to the MTC

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Off to the MTC. Talk about surreal! Something we've been looking forward to for 19 years... and it's here??!

Riding in the van on the way down, Farrell asked us all to give Spencer some advice. But first, Spencer, what advice do you remember the most that people have given to you?

Spencer: "Grandpa Verlin told me last night that my focus is not on the past or future, my focus in on the now." Awesome advice. :)

Farrell: "Do NOT, under any circumstances, punch your companion... in the face or neck."
(Honestly! Were we going to be serious or not???!)

Sarah Jane: "Don't eat rice cakes with bean frosting." (This apparently is a real thing she discovered while researching for a report on South Korea.)

Dallen: "Do not, under any circumstances, punch your mission president in the face or neck."

Melissa: "Don't take anything for granted."

Laurel: "It may seem overwhelming to write thank-you notes. But it's not. Write them."

Sarah Jane: "Remember that your mission is not a vacation, but still have fun."

Dallen: "Don't miss video games too much."

Melissa: "Take your awkward/weirdness with you."
(Afterwards, a discussion ensued over Melissa being the awkward one.)

Laurel: "Take a deep breath, speak calmly and ask how you can help."

Farrell: "You don't ever need to apologize to be obedient."

Sarah Jane: "Live your mission fully and don't come home until you're done."

Dallen: "Eat good food."

Melissa: "Write me back."

Laurel: "When someone is bugging you, find one good thing about them and leave them a little note, maybe everyday."

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