Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel plans. Finally.

Hello everyone!

Today is Friday. And it's also 4:00 in the morning. Our district has the privilege to clean the temple today, so we had to rearrange our schedules. Which means that we all got up at 3:50am to do laundry. I'm kind of tired, but it's good. Everyone has been excited about this p-day... because we get travel plans, and get to clean the temple, and do laundry with no one around. It's awesome.

Life is good here. There is a lot of excitement in the air because Korea is SO close. AUGH. I'm ready to go. It's fun talking to new missionaries who've been here for a few days or so and they ask how long I've been here. 8 weeks. It's a long time. I definitely get some respect as an MTC veteran around here. Awesome.

Travel plans are HERE. Finally. We report to the travel office at 3:00 AM on July 29th. We will be traveling on American Airlines. First flight is 304 which leaves Salt Lake City at 6:00am and arrives in Dallas TX at 9:40am (I think Texas time... I'm not sure.) Flight 27 leaves Dallas at 10:45am, at which time we arrive in Seoul at 2:50pm. (Once again... it's weird with time zone differences. I honestly have no I idea how long I'll be flying for. Sweet.) I'm so excited!!!! Korea is incredibly close.

The new Korean missionaries came in on Tuesday. 4 Elders (Ahn, Lee, Lee, and Pak) and 3 sisters (I can't remember their names.) The Elders are so cool! One of them speaks a fair amount of English so we're able to communicate. As zone leaders we got to orient them last night... That was rough. The one Korean sister who is fluent in English was in an interview for most of the time, so we muddled through it in Korean. Which was funny. And hard.

In Korea it's not weird for two guys to link arms or hold hands. Which is WEIRD here in 'Merica. So it's weird when the Korean Elders are touchy with me. Different culture I guess.

Another culture thing: Deodorant does not exist in Korea. At all. And the toothpaste is not good toothpaste. Apparently they put sugar in their toothpaste, which kind of defeats the purpose. So I'm thinking I'll just embrace the caveman side of me and live for 2 years without brushing my teeth or using deodorant or showering. It's going to be awesome. Just kidding. I might shower sometimes.

Life is good. The language is coming along and I'm so excited to go to Korea!

Love you all,
Elder Edwards

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