Monday, July 29, 2013

Phone Call from the Airport

5:10 AM this morning, the phone rang. "Hi Mom."
SOO good to hear his voice!!!

Last night we planned how we would all gather for this phone call. Should we all sleep in the same room? Then we could all wake up at the same time? No. We figured it out and when Spencer called this morning, we quickly gathered in the living room.

He sounded good, but tired. He had a 2 hour nap for sleep last night. Hopefully he was able to sleep on the plane. His plane left at 6:00 AM for Texas. A lay-over there, then a 14 hour flight to Korea. He's scheduled to arrive there at midnight our time. 3:00 PM Korea time.

We asked about the Korean missionaries in the pictures he sent. "They're the international missionaries from Korea. They fly over to the MTC for 2 weeks to learn the gospel. Then fly back." No language training needed for them. :)

When asked what he would tell Dallen, Melissa and Sarah Jane, or anyone else possibly preparing to serve a mission he replied: "Read the Book of Mormon. Really read it. Not just skim through it. Look up the references. Read Preach my Gospel. It won't just make you a good missionary, it will make you a good person."

At the end of the phone call I said I was sending him a hug over the phone. "Squish up your shoulders tight, tight, tight! You feel that hug?"  "Ow Ow Ow," was his reply. :)

Sure love that boy. Keep him in your prayers. Along with all these other missionaries who are on the Lord's errand.


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