Sunday, June 8, 2014

원주.... 다섯번째 이동이네

Well.... Transfer calls came. That was an extremely short transfer. (Same normal 6 week transfer, but time just went really really fast.) The Assistants called a day early, 5 minutes after lights out while we were all praying. That was kind of exciting. I'm staying in Wonju!!! That makes this coming one transfer number 5. Sweet. Elder Hansen is leaving and I'm getting Elder Taylor, who is Elder Hansen's same age in the mission. I'm excited to have him come but sad to see Elder Hansen leave. We were together for over 4 months! But I'm excited to welcome Elder Taylor and spend another 6 weeks (maybe longer) in Wonju. Sweet.

Zone meeting was good this week. The mission focus this month (and last month) is Discipleship, which is a SUPER cool focus. Everyone is still pumped about it and using it to become better missionaries, people, and disciples. We fasted on as a zone last week, and we're going to do it again in a week or two. We're working on finding and cultivating the faith to find, and the faith to continue working hard and be diligent even if we don't see immediate results. (I don't know if I've already talked about the missionary work in Korea, but it is VERY slow right now. There's an average of less than one baptism per missionary for their entire 2 years. I don't know why it's so slow or what it is about Korea, but it's been sluggish for years and years.) Missionaries tend to get discouraged if there's no immediate result from labor done, so when they don't see a baptism they go into a bit of a slump. So it was a really good training at Zone meeting about Discipleship and having faith.

Our district with our ward mission leader.

There are a lot of drunk men here. Funnily, they're the people that like talking with the missionaries the most. It's not weird to get stopped on the street by a completely wasted middle aged guy. And drunk men usually tend to be more touchy and don't have any real idea of what a personal bubble is. And because I'm on the same level as most Korean men (height wise), I'm always worried that they'll kiss me. I've been kissed on the hand a few times, but never on the face. Well, it finally happened this week. Luckily, I had the reflexes of a cougar and was able to turn my head so he planted a big one on my cheek instead of my lips. That was gross. He smelled like cigarettes and beer and was missing his top front 4 teeth. (If you're wondering, no, Korea is not one of those places where it's okay for men to kiss. It's just as weird here as it is in good old America).

Life is good. It's weird being able to look back a year and remember being in the MTC... I'm an old missionary. Shout out to Melissa and Dallen: Happy Birthday!!!! I love you guys!

Love, Elder Edwards

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