Sunday, June 1, 2014

일년 됐다... 뭐지?

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "One year was... what?")

This week went by really fast. And it's really really really hot. Our branch president said that it's an unusual summer because it's getting so hot here in May and June. At this rate, I think I'll be dead by mid July. Pray for me... a wanderer in a strange land with no air conditioning to call his own.

Elder Hansen and I met with a potential investigator on Wednesday(?), and he took us out to a Chinese Restaurant. There we got fed a 7 course Chinese meal. Holy Baloney that was so delicious. Luckily he payed (it was 30 bucks a head!). We had a really great discussion with him about God. He's atheist, but he's very willing to listen and learn what we believe. So we talked about God and the Plan of Salvation a little bit, and the Book of Mormon. He said that he looked up our church on the internet and thought our beliefs were very "합리적이다" (reasonable). I'm glad he didn't get on one of those dumb websites. Also. Korean Chinese food and American Chinese food are SUPER different. When I think of Chinese food, I always think of egg rolls and General Tsao's chicken, but Korea has none of that. But, I think Korean Chinese food is better than American Chinese food. And I also think that they are both very different from real Chinese food. Look up some Korean Chinese food (짜장면, 볶음밥, 짬뽕) on the internet... it's too hard to describe.

Elder Cook came to Korea this weekend!!! We had a big combined mission conference with the South mission on Saturday and got to hear him speak. He talked about a lot of stuff, but something that stood out to me is "4 Areas to Love". 1. Love the People. 2. Love your Companion. 3. Love your Mission President. 4. Love the Lord. Elder Cook had tons of good things to say, and his wife spoke too. She talked about Hymns and Christlike Attributes. She's super funny and bouncy and happy. Mom, I think you'd like her. She asked all the missionaries about which hymn they thought about when thinking of a certain subject, and whenever a missionary answered with a hymn that she liked, she would clap and jump up and down a little at the pulpit. It was awesome. I got to shake an apostle's hand! That's a first.

I ate steak this week. That was weird. It's been a long time. It was really good steak... but I definitely missed Dad and the grill.

I mooed the cow. It was joyful.

Well... I've been out for a year. That's weird. I don't really know what to think about that. It's super weird thinking about exactly a year ago and think about what I was doing in the MTC. I'm an old missionary. Elder Kafusi (our giant Assistant to the President) goes home next Wednesday! I remember my 4th day in country talking to him and thinking he was so ancient and old and wise and giant. And now I'm in the same spot he was when I first saw him (except I'm not that tall. Or as wise). Time is a weird thing. But I love Korea, and I love the work, and I love serving the Lord.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Note from Laurel: Spencer hit his year mark on Thursday. We sent him a small cow that moo's and lights up when you push the button. We have a cow here too. Farrell has a quirky tradition stemming from work where they "Moo the cow" whenever a deadline is hit. So we thought it would be fun if Spencer had a cow moo there and we had the cow moo here. :)

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