Tuesday, June 17, 2014

테일러 장로님 왔다

(Translation courtesy of Spencer: "Elder Taylor came"
Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Elder Taylor has been"
Last week's title translation by Spencer: "Wonju...wow it's the 5th Transfer"
Google Translate? "Circumference of the fifth movement .... Ine"
Maybe we shouldn't rely on Google Translate...)

The weather cooled off this week. That was pretty nice. I actually woke up cold a couple nights! Most smart people, upon waking up cold at night, would get up and close the window or at least turn the fan onto a lower setting. But I just manned up and snuggled deeper into my blankets. I like the cold.

Sunset over Wonju.

I got Elder Taylor! He's pretty cool. He's been in country for 4.5 months and he's killing it. He served in an area called Sangyea before he came here to good old Wonju, so he's not used to there being less people, but he's doing great. He grew up in Kansas and played professional soccer in Norway for 5 months, so he's pretty fly at soccer. I like him. We work well together and he's funny. He's the type of missionary (and person) who just goes out and gets things done, and I really like that in a companion. It's nice when we each take an equal share of the workload.

New companion, Elder Taylor.

We have a fair amount of investigators, and a few of them are progressing quite nicely! We're teaching a father and a son, and the son has said that he wants to be baptized, but the dad doesn't really like that and isn't super interested in our church. We're not sure exactly how to get around the fact that the father is kind of opposing, but we're working on it! We teach another man who's 80ish years old. He really wants to learn English, and we teach him English for 30 minutes and the gospel for 30 minutes. I can't really describe him... but he's a really funny guy and his way of speech is really funny. Kind of like a deep scratchy voice with perfect pronunciation. I like listening to him speak Korean, because it's really easy to understand.

Adorable Korean kids.

Things are good here in Wonju. The weather is good. My companion is nice. Korean is coming along. And kimchi is still good.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Zone pictures. 

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