Sunday, June 22, 2014

제목 없음

The world cup is going on. It kind of stinks... I really want to watch. But it's actually really great for proselyting purposes. Everyone is watching the world cup here, so it's a really great way to start up a conversation on the street. "Hey, did you hear about the Korea game?? Too bad they tied, huh?" And then they'll go off on that for a little bit because Korea didn't win. Korea played while we were studying at 8:30 in the morning, and when Korea scored the entire apartment complex erupted into cheers. We live in a block of 4, 22 floor apartment buildings surrounding one parking lot, and I think every single room on every floor of every apartment had at least one Korean shouting for joy when Korea scored. It was awesome.

Human flag. I've still got it.

It's been a good week. Elder Moon (one of the zone leaders) came on exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday, which was really fun. On both of the mornings he was here we played soccer with a bunch of Korean older men, ranging from 50 years old to 70ish years old. It was really fun. They weren't very nice. Playing soccer with them was the time that I felt the most stress playing soccer than I ever have before. Every mistake that I made, they would yell "Aiduhwoeju!!" and then tell me how to play soccer. I mostly just ignored them and it was really fun.

For Dallen. Watermelon hat. This was after I played soccer
one morning and I sweat like nobodies business.

A cool experience from this week: Elder Taylor and I were walking home from an appointment when we found a 50 year old man who was sitting on a little cement thing by the sidewalk. His knees and one of his hands were pretty bloody, and he had a walking stick that he used as a cane. He had fallen pretty hard on the cement and was pretty beat up. We offered to help him home, and after a little persuading he accepted and we walked with him the last 20 minutes to his apartment. He told us that 2 years ago he had gotten brain surgery because he fell and hit his head really hard, and as a result he can't control his feet very well. It's really difficult for him to control the speed of his feet, and sometimes his feet just speed up and he has a really hard time stopping them. So, he falls down like that at least once a month. It was really sad to hear. But we got him up to his apartment, sat him down, and patched him up with some of the first aid supplies he had in his apartment. We cleaned out the cuts, sterilized, and wrapped them. I felt a little like a doctor. It was really cool to be able to serve this man and help to get him home and comfortable. Koreans usually don't accept help from us, so I really like it when we have those opportunities to serve.

The guy that we helped home and patched up.

A few of our investigators are progressing pretty well. We're just working on getting them to the point where they make really BIG changes in their lives. They're willing to pray and read the Book of Mormon, but it's difficult to help them do any more than that. But I love them anyway. :) It's such a cool opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to both people that have and haven't heard about it. It's such a cool opportunity to help people make changes in their lives.

Life is good.
Love, Elder Edwards

Harry Potter. Korean style. If you ask, no, I can't understand it.

회덮밥. Kind of like sushi salad. Super delicious.

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