Monday, April 28, 2014

더 기쁜 희소식

(Translation, courtesy of Google Translate: The good news is nice.)


Elder Whiting of the Quorum of the Seventy came to Korea for a tour of the Korea Seoul mission. One of his stops was in Wonju, where our zone and a neighboring zone all gathered together to listen to him in our church. It was kind of exciting. The Assistants came the night before with one of our Zone leaders to help set up, and they slept over at our house. We had 10 missionaries crammed in our house that night. I got stuck on the fake wood floor. My mat and blanket and hoodie all got stolen, so it was a little bit of a rough night. But I had my fan. So it was okay. Just really cold.

Elder Kafusi, one of our assistants. He's enormous.
And his pants.

Transfer calls came! We're losing both of our sisters and Elder Diede. The sisters' area will be white washed (which means that both the sisters leave and 2 new sisters will come in, instead of just 1 leaving and 1 coming.) Elder Hansen will be together for another transfer. That makes this one the 3rd! That's pretty long, but I love him so it's all good.

Me and Elder Diede.
Good props make for good pictures.

Brother Kim punked every appointment that we made this week until we finally met him after church yesterday with a member at the church. He got 36 hours of community service last week, and he did all 36 hours and that's why he said he couldn't meet. His parents are getting divorced and his mom moves out next week... which leaves him in a bit of an interesting situation. He needs to start school back up again, and will probably keep attending here in Wonju and live on his own away from his dad. I feel for him. We talked with him about the church and baptism and concerns and commandments, and he said that he still wants to be baptized. We pulled out a calendar and showed it to him, and he chose the 18th of May! We went through all the baptismal interview questions and he's still doing great. He's even been reading in the Book of Mormon and praying every day since last Sunday. Happy, happy news. So we'll keep meeting with him for the next 3 weeks and keep teaching him and helping him strengthen his testimony until his baptism.

Wonju had a baptism on Saturday with the sisters' investigator! It was good to see all the branch members come together and support the newest member of Wonju branch. The last baptism that Wonju had was back in October, so people were pretty excited.

Korea is awesome!
Love, Elder Edwards

Tool time in the elevator mirror.
Running in the morning.

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