Sunday, April 20, 2014


We played a lot of Basketball this week. The more I play, the more painfully aware I become that I really can't play basketball at all. But it was fun and I scored a few points, believe it or not. Also went on 2 exchanges today, one with Elder Diede and the other with one of our zone leaders, Elder MoonHoBum. (Dallen, I think you'll laugh at that name a little bit.). He's Korean, and it was really fun to chill and work with him for two days, speaking Korean. It's been a long time since I've had a native in my house, so it was really nice.

I think every person in our district got sick this week. All colds except for Sister Kim, who has been throwing up for 5 days now. The doctors don't really know what's wrong with her. I gave her 2 priesthood blessings, and she was able to come to church this Sunday. Hopefully she'll get better this week.

Nightly shenanigans. They were having a contest to see how many grapes they could fit in their mouth. I think they got up to 50 something. Seeing as I can't even fit an egg in my mouth, I settled for the nose.
No suits season!!!

We have a member family that lives on an airforce base who invites us over for meals fairly often. After the meal, as we were walking back to the front gate, an official came and kicked us off the base! He kicked us off because we looked like missionaries and he didn't want us to proselyte on the base (which we weren't). But now I can say that I got kicked off a base!

I've been agonizing how to write this letter for the past 24 hours... No baptism. It's kind of difficult for words to describe what it feels like to meet Brother Kim for 5 weeks and see him every day for the past week and then have absolutely nothing on Sunday. No call, no text, no show. Later in the day he made contact and wanted to meet. It turns out there was a situation that prevented him from coming to the baptism, but something has changed. He's lost desire and doesn't know if he'll keep meeting with us or go to church or be baptized. We also learned a few things that he hadn't told us before. I'm... kind of numb.  I feel like I should be learning a lesson from all of this that will make me a better missionary or person or something, but I can't figure that one out either.
I love you all.
Love, Elder Edwards

Here are some pictures from last week's P-day trip to the Buddhist Temple.

I don't really know if this snake was safe or not, but we still totally picked it up.
Water yoga. Upward Dog.
Downward Dog.
This was a lame waterfall that Elder Roskelley and I ran to.

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