Monday, April 7, 2014

저는 연차 대회 보고 싶다

(Translation: I would like to see General Conference)

Good week. I'm sorry if these emails are ever boring... I struggle so hard every Monday to make these sufficiently long and entertaining. But they're still really short. Sorry.

Brother Kim is doing swimmingly. He's completely off cigarettes, he just recently finished First Nephi, and he loves learning! I'm so grateful to be able to teach him. The down side of Brother Kim this week is that he was in TWO car accidents. One in his own car, which sent his car to a car shop and banged up his head a little, and the second while he was in a bus, which sent him to the hospital for a little bit due to a banged up knee. So we didn't get to see him much this week because he was in and out of the hospital. BUT, he's doing just fine now. We weren't able to contact him for a period of 5 days there, so we were naturally worried. When I finally got a hold of him he told me that even though he'd been hurting all week, he'd been reading the Book of Mormon faithfully every night. He's awesome.

A sweet exercise/stretching thing that we found.

Last P-day we ran to the church after email and lugged the ping pong table out into the parking lot to play some sweet outdoor ping pong. We got plenty of weird stares, because foreigners get plenty of stares here. It's all good, I guess. Except when we get weird people that are kind of infatuated with us. We ate at a restaurant the other day, and an 80 year old women stood right at our table and stared at us for 3ish minutes. Talk about awkward. Then she slapped me on the back and said "이뻐!" (you're pretty.) Welcome to being a foreigner in Korea. And then we played wall ball. Hello, 4th grade. It's been a while since I played wall ball.

I hope it's been a great conference weekend for ya'll. I don't get to watch conference until this coming weekend, due to the fact that they have to translate it into Korean so our little Wonju branch can watch it all together. So no conference this weekend. :( But I'm pumped for this Saturday!

The assistants to the President. I look like a small child.

We met a guy on the street that invited us into his house for some coffee. We told him we don't drink coffee, so he gave us grape juice instead. He had zero gospel interest, but plenty of English interest. We'll probably start the Family English Program with him and his family. (6 weeks, meet twice a week for an hour each meeting, 30 minutes of English and 30 minutes of the Gospel.) It should be good, I hope. He kept telling Elder Hansen and I that we were just incredible at Korean, which is good to hear every once and a while, because I sure don't feel incredible. :)

Korea is still pretty sweet.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Hairless. And white.
Funny story. I had some time before bed on Tuesday (which is rare and precious), so I decided to take a hot shower. I was just chilling, enjoying the water, when I saw a razor. 25 minutes later, my right leg was totally hairless. It was awesome. I didn't even cut myself! I gained an new appreciation for women. Shaving takes FOREVER.

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