Monday, April 14, 2014

절에 갔다

I've reached a new level in my easily falling asleep ability. I can successfully fall asleep sitting cross legged, and at night my average is pillow to unconscious in 2 minutes. And last P-day I totally fell asleep while the hair cutter lady was cutting my hair. Nailed it. It was a really comfy chair. This makes me sound like a really lazy missionary... I work hard, I promise!

We said goodbye (dropped) our pastor investigator this week. He wasn't progressing and was only meeting to talk about religion, not to investigate our church. I was kind of really sad to say goodbye to him. But we don't have time to just sit around and talk about various religions... We're here with a calling to help other people come unto Christ by faith, repentance, baptism, and all that other good stuff.

Brother Kim is doing great. Except his mom fell off a roof and hurt her spine. And Brother Kim has been in 2 car accidents since we started teaching him. He asked us why God was doing these things too him. We testified about the purpose of this life and how we are here to be tested, so there must be trials. He's a good kid, and he'll be okay. He's getting baptized in a week! This week he brought a friend to the discussions, and now his friend has a baptismal date too!!! I'm not sure how far this one will go, but I'm grateful the Brother Kim is awesome enough to introduce his friends to the missionaries.

Our branch is going to have a branch conference next month, so we're preparing a special musical number. All of us missionaries and a few members are gathering once a week to learn and perfect "A Child's Prayer". It sounds sweet. I like singing, and it's especially great with all of our wonderful Korean members.

Sorry I'm late emailing today. We totally went to a Buddhist temple and just got back an hour ago. A lot of Buddhist temples are open to the public to go to and take pictures and see the sights. It was SO sweet. I remembered that I was in Asia, which I forget sometimes. I took tons of pictures, but sadly I forgot my card reader, so ya'll are just going to have to wait until next week.

Conference was fantastic. I feel more and more appreciative for Conference every time I watch. I feel like I learn more every time as well. How blessed we are to have a prophet who knows what's up and is guiding the church today through revelation from God.

Korea is awesome. I love you all.
Love, Elder Edwards

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