Tuesday, March 4, 2014

한국은 아직 재미있어요

Wonju was WARM this week. I hung up my overcoat last Tuesday and vowed to never wear it again until next winter. That proved to be a mistake because it's still not quite swimming season by any means, but I keep my promises. For the first time in a long time we played sports outside on P-day without freezing to death. I'm still bad at basketball, but it's fun. Everyone stared at us 4 foreigners playing basketball, so everyone saw my complete lack of skill, but it was totally worth it.

Member meals. They're the best.

This week was a good one. Elder Hansen and I met a man on the street and invited to meet with him later to share more about the Book of Mormon, and we met him the next day and picked him up as an investigator! He's 87 years old. We taught him a little about the Plan of Salvation last time, and we'll teach him the rest next time we meet. It was pretty cool how we met him... We usually take one way to the market, but Elder Hansen saw our 87 year old man way down a different road and decided to go talk to him. Old people usually don't listen to us, but this one did. :)

Two of our investigators left Wonju this week to go to Seoul... So we have to refer them to the missionaries over in Seoul :(

Two of our investigators, who left for Seoul to go to school. :(
We played basketball with them last Pday.

Two weeks ago we met a guy from Pakistan named Ahmed on the street, told him who we were, talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit, invited him to learn more, exchanged numbers, and parted ways. He's not super good at English, but he gets by. We called him to meet, but he said he couldn't leave his house for a couple days. So, we told him we would visit his house and he sent us his address. Elder Hansen and I hopped in a taxi, told the driver the address, and headed off. We had no idea where the address was, but the driver did. He drove for 25 MINUTES. It was so so so far away. But we eventually got to his house, which is in the middle of nowhere. That stupid taxi put me $20 in the hole. But, we gave Ahmed a Book of Mormon in his native tongue of Urdo, and taught him a little about it. We ended up getting home at 10pm because it was so far away. Apostate missionaries all the way! It was really cool to share with a Pakistani man in the middle of nowhere.

"... to every nation, kindred, tongue, and [statue]"

On Saturday night we met with a man who told us his story that he had met Jesus 29 years ago on the top of a mountain, obtained eternal life, and was now called by Jesus to give people eternal life. It was pretty difficult teaching someone who firmly believes he has a divine calling from heaven. I tried to tell him that we had one too, but then he asked if we had seen and touched Jesus... and the lesson kind of went downhill from there. He then called us to repentance with the bible, which I think he has completely memorized. 

Korea is still awesome.

Love, Elder Spencer Edwards

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