Sunday, February 23, 2014



Snow in Gangneung!

This week was a good one with lots of traveling and incoming warm weather. I wasn't too cold this week, so it was good. In our zone, instead of wards and stakes we have branches and districts because there aren't enough members yet. So we had district conference yesterday and Saturday over in Gangneung. An area seventy attended and spoke about missionary work. The subject of the conference was D&C 88:73, "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." The Korean translation is a little weird, but it was a good topic. Our mission president and his wife also came! It was a good conference, but we spent a solid 5-6 hours on the bus that weekend. Not super fun.

The new families son. He's the most adorable thing. I wanted to hold him so bad.

A new family moved into our branch! A husband and wife and 15 month old son. They both served missions over in the states, the husband in New York and the wife in California. They're SUPER cool, and we got to help them move into their apartment on Wednesday. Refrigerators are heavy.

Kimchi squat with our groceries.

Not a lot of people could meet this week... Everyone was busy and didn't have a lot of time. But we did meet a sweet guy from Pakistan! He speaks a little English, a little less Korean, and works here in Korea. We met him on the street, and he'll be able to meet this week sometime. Elder Hansen and I ordered him a Book of Mormon in Urdo, his native language, so he can enjoy it in his own tongue. Looking at the Urdo Book of Mormon, Korean looks so EASY. Korean still seems a little unfamiliar when compared to English, but Korean felt right at home while we were checking out the Urdo language. They don't even have normal numbers!

English, Korean, and Urdo Book of Mormon copies.

I thought a lot about the Plan of Salvation this week. The Korean sister in our district told a story about a Grandpa who wouldn't leave a store, and the manager got mad. The manager asked the grandpa over and over what he was doing and when/where he would go, and the grandpa finally answered: "I've been thinking about those questions for a long time." I'm so grateful that we have the answers to those questions. So many people don't have those answers! We know why we're here, we know where we're from, and we know where we're going. There's so much power that comes into our lives from having that knowledge.

For Grandma Dot. I bought fruits and veggies.

Korea is still cool. I ate some spicy squid, and it was pretty gross.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards
Delicious kimchi tofu soup. The food here is amazing.

Batman. I've still got it.

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