Sunday, March 16, 2014

형 믹: 이해할수있냐? 그러면은 넌 멋쟁이야

It was a good week. It's WARM. We're going to play sports after, so I'm not wearing a suit right now, and I don't even need a jacket! I like good weather.

For the few people that know about our religion, it's interesting the variety of responses that we get about our religion from people who have heard of the "Mormon". Some people just yell "cult, cult!" While others say that they respect us a lot, that we are an upright and righteous people. One guy said that the Mormon church was the best church of all the churches... I asked him if he wanted to join, and he said no and walked away. Oh well. But the people that really know about our church view us as good people with good values. I'm so glad that our church can have a reputation like that. It is God's church, after all.

We were traveling to a hospital to visit a member in the hospital, and I was talking with students that came to the back of the bus and sat with me. One of them said that he had gone to our church a while back, and said he would come this week! He came to church, we picked him up as an investigator, and our branch mission leader committed him to be baptized in a month. He said yes, so we'll see how that goes. But we're super tight and we'll be seeing him once or twice a week outside of church! His name is Brother Kim. (I don't put full names in these emails because it's a rule... I don't know why it's a rule, but I promise that these people all have more than just a last name.)

Dang. I look really short in all these pictures.
Oh well. It isn't a trick of the light or anything... I'm just short.

Transfer calls came! Nothing will change. I'm still with Elder Hansen, and our Wonju district won't change at all. I'm SUPER happy. I love Wonju, our district is awesome, so I'm glad we're all staying together. That last 6 week transfer went by FAST.

Our awesome district.

I was reading in Ether 12 this week. Ether talks for 4 or 5 verses about faith and belief in God, which is really important, and then Moroni interrupts his summarizing of Ether and then adds some stuff of his own. He's basically saying: "Hey, all you readers out there. Faith is really important, so I, as the editor, will take a little liberty and explain more about faith." What follows is one of the most powerful chapters on faith in the Book of Mormon. I love that chapter. That little editing reminds me of The Emperor's New Groove, where they're sleeping in the rain and Kuzco(?) pauses it and does a little explaining because some explanation is important and necessary (this is my story. not his. mine.) So Moroni is telling us that faith is SO important.

Life is good! Korea is not lame!
Love, Elder Spencer Edwards

Haircuts. I go to a barber, but these guys insist on doing it themselves.
So I help them out sometimes with my large experience

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