Sunday, March 9, 2014

자비로 봉사하는 선교사입니다

It was WARM this week. At least at the beginning. But then it was cold again and we got some snow on Saturday night, which was super lame. It's march, and I'm ready for winter to be over.

This week was good, with a lot of good things happening to our little Wonju branch. Recently more and more people have been coming out, and we've had over 40 people at sacrament meeting for the last two weeks! It's a huge blessing. Something interesting about having a small branch is that there's a lot more drama. I don't really know if there was drama back in my home ward, but here in Korea, if there's drama in the branch, you know about it. And people go less active because they get offended or something. So we have a couple of people right now not coming to church because they got offended. It's pretty bad here... Losing one person is losing 3% of the branch. And losing a family because they got offended is 20% of the branch! It's not good. The church is still true, even while people are imperfect!

Elder Hansen and I went to visit a recently moved in member at his school, and while we were there eating lunch together in the sea of Korean students we hear "Elders!" It was a returned missionary named Aaron who had gotten off his mission in Denver 6 months ago. He's been here for a week, and said he's been looking all over for the missionaries. It's crazy that he saw us. The campus is big and that's the one and only time we've ever been to that campus. So Aaron joined our little branch on Sunday, and one of the ward members translates for him. I like him.

We recently had a less active start coming back to church, and now his wife is investigating the church! We've been working with Brother Hwang ever since I got here, and he's now come out 4 weeks in a row. And his wife has come the 2 latest times. There's a saying I heard here: "When you get the man, you get the family." That's proving pretty true right now. :)

Korea is still awesome. Elder Hansen and I tried out some late night (7:30-8:30) proselyting, which we usually don't do at that time. We usually call potential investigators or knock on doors. But proselyting was surprisingly effective! There were less people, but most of the people that we talked to showed more interest then when we try it during the day. So we got a fair amount of phone numbers and return appointments!

Something funny about Korea: There's no food disposal. It's a hole in the sink like any normal sink, except there's a basket in there that catches all the food and lets all the water down the hole. Korea is really big on recycling and stuff, so all the food trash has to go in a different place. So the food trash in the sink piles up until it's full, then we pull it out and stick it in a bag in the freezer to be taken out later. It's pretty gross. We have nasty old peels and rotten bananas freezing in our freezer with all our food. Oh well. I still like Korea.

Life is good. Korea is awesome. I don't know how I'm going to switch back to American food in a little over a year. Korean food is just too good.

Love, Elder Edwards

Spencer, after receiving a package: "I don't think I've ever eaten so much
candy in one go in my whole life. I brushed for a solid 10 minutes afterward."

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