Monday, December 2, 2013

감사하는 날! (Thanksgiv​ing)

Hello from Taebeck! Taebeck was good this week. We finally got some snow, which was super awesome. But it's all melted now, which is less awesome. I want more snow.
A magestic view of Taebeck and yours truly.
This week was a week of many exchanges... On Tuesday night I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders to Gangleng (I butchered that romanization), and had an opportunity to go teach some of the Zone Leaders' investigators... That was SO cool. That may have been the first time on my mission where I could walk from one appointment to another, teaching people with genuine interest. I felt a little bit more like a missionary then. One kid we taught was so interested and asked all of these great questions, and I felt the spirit so strong! It made me so grateful for people who are prepared and want to accept the gospel.
Taebeck district!
Elder Fronke have also been on exchanges for three days now (which is not normal, they're usually just a day.) On Saturday was our planned exchange, which went great, and then the Zone Leaders called and said I needed to come finish off a last little bit of pass-off with them, so I had to go back to Gangleng right after church yesterday. Elder Fronke came with because Elder Mills and Elder Jang had to do church and tithing stuff. So Elder Fronke and I just got back to Taebeck this morning. Bleh. Around 10 hours on the train total this week. But, I got Pass-off done with the Zone Leaders, and the Assistants might be coming to the Zone Training Meeting this Wednesday, so I will probably be able to finish completely by then. Good stuff.
Our thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving doesn't exist in Korea. :( Sad day. But, President Christensen loves us, so he usually arranges for every missionary companionship to go to an American members' home for Thanksgiving dinner (there are a lot of army bases in Seoul with lots of Americans, so we have quite a few American members.) But... Those Thanksgiving dinners are for every missionary except for the missionaries in my zone because we are too far away. SAD. So our Thanksgiving dinner was pizza. It was good pizza, I guess.
Well... not much more to say. We visited our drunk friend this week, and he was sober for the first time I've ever seen him! It was cool. We had a nice conversation. But he was only sober because he was out of drinking money... we're trying to get him off alcohol. Don't drink! It messes you up.
I hit 6 months the other day. That was weird. I'm not sure what to think about that one.
Life is good! I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

The ocean!


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