Monday, November 25, 2013

초등회 발표!

Practicing the Asian squat. (which is called kimchi squat over here.)
This week was good. It warmed up a little bit, but with the warmth came rain. And rain in Korea is kind of acidy. So that was less good.
Taebeck has Sister Missionaries now! We haven't had Sisters since around the 80's (I feel like I might have talked about this last week... but I'll plow through anyway). So now our Taebeck district is the 4 of us elders (me, Elder Jang, Elder Mills, and Elder Fronke), and the 2 sisters (Sister Hunsacker and Sister Ellis). We moved them into their new apartment on Monday and set up all their desks and living materials and such. Their apartment is BRAND new. And it has air con. Which is kind of pointless now, but will definitely help next summer. Sisters are kind of spoiled. There is no way an Elder house would get to have AC. No way. Maybe if the mission had a huge excess of money.
Helping a member set up his new electric bike.
I had a cold this week (nailed it, Mom). Elder Mills gave it to me, I had it all week, and then I gave it to Elder Jang. It's now subsided to just a cough, so no worries. I took advantage of my sickness to learn 'cold' vocabulary... To cough, to hawk a lugie, to sneeze, to spit, to blow the nose, mucus, phlegm, etc. All good and gross vocabulary. I enjoyed learning those. I am on a Korean learning HIGH right now. That doesn't mean I'm doing super good at it, but that I am really enjoying learning it. I finished the Pass-off program, which is a language learning program for new missionaries where you have to learn vocab and practice teaching and memorize scriptures. But now I'm done! So now I can study whatever and however I want. It's glorious. It's still plenty difficult, but there is some improvement to be seen.
Our primary. The 3 on the left are all siblings,
and the 3 on the right are all siblings.
We had our branch primary program at church yesterday. That was fun. 6 kids total. Ranging from ages 5 to 15. It's really interesting to see the difference in the primary programs back home and here. At home, maybe 1/3 of the kids get a speaking part... while here, they just rotate through the 6 of them and they each have about 8 speaking parts. It was fun.
Life is good. Korea is fun. I like the cold. 
Elder Spencer Edwards
Elder Whittaker! He's from Kaysville, and
I got to see him at the combined conference.
Elder Mills! I love him.

Walking to the only Emart (like a Korean Walmart or Target)
in Taebeck. That took us a solid 2 hours.


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