Sunday, November 10, 2013

bbay bbay ro

Hello friends and family!
Life is good. Taebeck is cold, but I still wear shorts on Pday cause I'm awesome. So most of the Koreans think I'm crazy, but that's okay. Maybe the attention drawn to my exposed calves will help them to remember me when I try to talk to them later... Maybe. Today is "bbay bbay ro" holiday. Bbay bbay ro is kind of like a stick pretzel with chocolate on it. And the whole holiday is just buying bbay bbay ro and giving it to each other. Free candy. I kind of like it. Maybe I didn't miss Halloween after all.
DELICIOUS korean food.

Our new branch president is super awesome. We talked a lot yesterday about the work in Taebeck and how we can hasten it better. He has some interesting ideas... somewhat weird ideas, but good ideas nonetheless. He's a man with a plan, and he's ready to put it in action. I like it a lot. It's always easier to do missionary work when the members are on your team and actively helping and trying new things. So I'm excited for that.
Our Taebeck branch!

Transfer calls were this past Wednesday. All four of us Taebeck Elders are staying in Taebeck and keeping the same companions. BUT, we're getting two sister missionaries as well! They will be coming to Taebeck on Friday. There haven't been sisters in Taebeck since around 1985... so I think there is some important work that they can do here!
This week was a good week. Now that our old branch president is gone, we can clean out the baptismal font without fear of making him mad... (he was using it as a storage closet.) So we cleaned it out and now it looks like a baptismal font again! It may be less convenient to lose that storage space, but I see it as having more respect toward the ordinance of baptism, and as a symbol of hope. Nothing says "We don't baptize" like a baptismal font used for storage. But now it's much better. :)
Cleaning the baptismal font...
There is a great fried chicken place here and it's pretty cheap. So, we've been eating there around 3 times a week for the past 6 weeks... it's starting to get gross now, but we gained an investigator out of it! The owner is pretty cool, and he has a son that wants to learn English. So he agreed to give us free chicken every week in exchange for teaching his son. SWEET. So now the four of us missionaries go to the chicken house and eat free chicken every week. Elder Fronk and I teach the son English, while Elder Jang and Elder Mills talk to the owner about various things. Elder Fronk and I teach the kid (his name is Hyun Jay) English for 30 minutes and then gospel for 30 minutes. Last week the lesson with him was kind of awkward, but we taught him about God and prayer and committed him to pray. And he did! He said that he prayed a few times that week, and he felt good. So Elder Fronk and I taught him again this week about the Book of Mormon and finding peace through it. It's been really awesome. And he's progressing!!! I have great hopes for Hyun Jay.

Life is good!
Love, Elder Edwards
Cute Korean kids.

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