Monday, December 23, 2013

메리 그리스마스!

Merry Christmas! It's December 23rd... That's really really weird. I'm not entirely sure where that last month went.

I'm in Wonju!

I'm in Wonju! It's different from Taebeck. SUPER different. Mostly due to the fact that there are people here. My new companion, Elder Murdock, is awesome. He's a year younger than me in real life and a transfer younger than me in mission life. It's interesting making the switch to having completely fluent companions to having someone who is also trying to learn Korean. He doesn't talk too much, so it's mostly up to me to talk to people! I'm trying to help him out with that. I figure it will be a huge growing experience for both of us. Hopefully I'll be fluent by the end of this transfer (jokes.)

Shoveling in Taebeck.

Wonju is super great. There's not as much snow as Taebeck, but it makes up for it by having TONS of people. The Elders who come from Seoul to Wonju say that there are no people in Wonju... But there are tons. I think every missionary should serve a couple transfers in Taebeck to put missionary work in perspective. It builds character. Our branch has about 30 people who come out to church on a regular basis. I really love them all a lot. We had a branch Christmas party with them all on Saturday, so I got to get to know them a little bit. On Saturday night, the branch president asked me to give my introductory talk in church the next day (which is normal for leaving/arriving missionaries)... but then told me that the main speaker was sick for Sunday, so I needed to give a 10 minute talk. *sigh* Sunday morning was a little stressful, but I managed to prepare well enough (I hope.)

Our (new) branch president w/ family in Taebeck.

I'm the district leader here. And part of the district leaders job is to pass people off (Pass-off is the language/lesson program in our mission.) And there is a new Korean sister in our district who is doing pass-off. So she passed off the 3rd and 4th lessons to me. HOLY BALONEY BATMAN THAT WAS SO TERRIFYING. She's fluent in Korean and I'm supposed to be able to understand everything and answer questions and give positive feedback... in Korean. It was scary. But I did okay for myself :)
My new companion, Elder Murdock

Wonju is great. I'm excited for a new area and a fresh start. The members are cool, my companion is easy to get along with, the language is coming (slowly), kimchi is still spicy and delicious, and the church is true! God lives, he sent his son, and through Jesus Christ we can overcome all things. I know that!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Edwards

The chicken guy and his son. We ate chicken there probably
3 times a week. I hate that chicken now.

The nice dog that we met. I think his face was melted.

Elder Fronke and I on exchanges. I miss that kid.

Probably my favorite family in Taebeck. The kid on the left
is our lone priest, and the lady on the right is his mom.

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