Sunday, February 8, 2015

입추가 지났는데 아직도 왜 이렇게 춥죠??

(Translation courtesy of Elder Edwards: The beginning of spring passed... why is it still so cold??")

3 generations:
My dad (Elder Goo), me, and my son (Elder Hansen).

A good week!  We started the week with MLC meeting on Monday. The focus this month is on teaching... specifically becoming a teacher like Christ was. It was a really good meeting and I'm really excited for the focus this month. Plus, every Mission Leadership Council, Sister Christensen cooks us lunch and it's DELICIOUS. We had brownies on Monday and I just about died it was so good. Then, on Tuesday we had a temple day! All the missionaries going home at the end of the transfer give their "final testimony" at the temple in the waiting area before we go in to the actual temple. Elder Mumford gave his, and Elder Goo young jeen (my trainer) also gave his. He dies next week... that's super crazy. I'll miss him. The temple was awesome, and the trampoline park afterward was also awesome. We tried to play ultimate on tramps, but it was too hard. So we resorted to just jumping and flipping hard for 2 hours. I was sore for 3 days afterward.

Chilling at the trampoline park on P-day :)

Wednesday was Zone Training meeting. We trained on becoming a teacher like Christ. We opened up to the bible and read about some of Christ's teaching moments, including the rich young ruler, and talked about Christ's use of testimony, questions, and promising blessings (all principles of teaching in Preach My Gospel). It was a really good zone meeting. Elder Weight and I had some pretty good unity flowing for the whole training. We bought a bunch of Choco-pies (pretty much Korean Ho-hos) and did a little demonstration to show the importance of teaching to needs. We had 3 missionaries come up, and they were all told they could pick which kind of treat they would eat. To one of the missionaries, we gave a really nice bite of the one she wanted, to the next missionary we didn't give him what he wanted and shoved the whole thing in his mouth, and we gave the last missionary exactly the one he didn't want and then managed to shove a whole other one in his mouth as well. The analogy is one of teaching to needs... we need to give the investigator what they need/want and in appropriate amounts.

Thursday was interviews with President. I love him so much. He's a great mission President and I really hope to see him more after the mission as well. He goes home in the middle of July!

Friday-Sunday was pretty normal missionary work spent proselyting and teaching and proselyting and going to church meetings.

"Can I keep him?? Mom, can we please get a dog??"
Some dreams never die.

We found our old investigator, Brother Yoo, on the street the other day when we saw him riding his bike. We ran over to say hi to him and figure out what he'd been up to, but when he saw us he hid behind a bush! I guess he doesn't really like us anymore. Lame. We weren't able to meet Brother Lee, our 13 year old investigator, this week, but hopefully he'll be able to meet this week. I swear, he has no sense of responsibility. He's come to 2 of the 12 appointments we've set with him. But then again, I don't think I knew what an "appointment" was when I was 13. We'll keep working with him. :)

I think it's mating season for all the cats in Dongdaemoon... and they've all decided to migrate over to our church parking lot (right outside of our house), where they howl and mule and meow and are just generally loud while we're trying to study/teach/sleep. It's pretty annoying.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Edwards

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