Sunday, January 18, 2015

펀크 한번도 안났네요!!

(Translation courtesy of Elder Edwards: "We didn't get punked once!")

This week was awesome. And super funny. Elder Weight lost his voice and couldn't really talk from last Saturday (the 10th) to this Wednesday (the 15th)... which is something I probably shouldn't laugh about, but it was SO funny. It also meant that I made a ton of calls while he tried to be effective by filling out records and stuff. It's REALLY hard to do missionary work without a voice as a full time missionary without access to social networks or anything.

P.S. Here's my "I'm on the computer" picture. :)

Monday was a good P-day. We toured the market here in Dongdaemun. It's the biggest market in Korea! And it's ENORMOUS. Just shop after shop after shop selling fruit and vegetables and spices and herbs and garlic and raw fish and dried fish and cooked fish and live fish and hairy dog legs and larvae and anything and everything you can think of. We bought two things... one squid (dead) and one stingray (fermented). We ate the stingray, and it was super super super gross. They fermented it in some pretty potent chemicals, and my throat and mouth felt funny for an hour after eating just one bite of it. And we threw the squid at Elder Weight's face. And filmed it with a slow motion camera. I'll see if I can get the video sent over there. :) The reason for throwing a squid at Elder Weight's face, you ask? We didn't really have a reason. It just sounded fun.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent really busily going to mission leadership meeting, preparing for zone training meeting, and doing the zone training meeting. It went really well. The focus this month is on commitments, specifically the baptismal commitment. The number of baptismal dates has been going down mission wide for the past 2 or 3 months, so we're focusing on it a lot and working on helping investigators commit to living the gospel and get baptized!

Last but not least... we had the COOLEST day of all time on Saturday. We had 6 appointments lined up for that day, plus English class and ward mission council. It was looking to be a busy day. Usually on days like that, about 1 or 2 of the people actually meet with us and we spend the rest of the day proselyting. But, this past Saturday, EVERY single person met with us and we got to teach all of them. We were literally running from appointment to appointment all day. It was a day full of miracles and even opportunities to serve. Our 4oclock appointment actually didn't show up, but as soon as we hung up the phone call saying he couldn't meet, a guy called and said he was in the area and wanted to be taught right then. So we got to teach him instead. Elder Weight and I just spent 8 solid hours doing nothing but teaching and running in between appointments. An awesome day.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Remember the video they filmed in December of missionaries bearing their testimonies in Korean? You can see it here:

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