Sunday, November 9, 2014


(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Busy")

It's been a pretty busy week this week with zone training, so as a result we weren't able to teach nearly as many lessons or contact as many people as normal. The whole mission is strangely in some sort of slump right now... Less investigators and less baptismal dates throughout the whole mission. It's weird and lame but we're working through it. Zone training meeting went really good this week. We trained on the power of the Holy Ghost in conversion, specifically what we can do to have and feel the spirit more in our work. One of the commitments is to have a house prayer at 10pm with all the missionaries in our house and pray for the spirit and for fellow missionaries and other members. It was a good training, now it's just up to all of us to apply it! No matter how good a training is, nothing happens until someone applies it and acts on it.

Calls. call after call after call... to find new investigators!!

Elder Weight and I are doing good. We're working hard together and we both have a drive to do missionary work. But the slump in the mission is effecting us too and we don't really have any investigators right now. ㅠㅠ We have a few people with lots of potential, but no current investigators. We met Brother Kim 3 or 4 times in the past 2 weeks, but it's not working out with him. He's taken to bringing a friend with him, and then they both just talk and talk and talk about the bible and all the secrets that it contains and how we need the bible to live. So he doesn't listen to what we say. We're pretty sure he belongs to a religion called 신천지. I don't know what that is in English, but everyone in Korea thinks it's a cult. Anyway.... we won't meet with him anymore. So we are starting this week out with an iron hard resolution... Find new investigators!! Proselyting has been okay recently, but we've made goals to make sure that when we're proselyting the only thoughts that will be in our heads is that we need to find new people to teach and invite and help them come unto Christ!

A late dinner of delivery chicken.

We thought all the cockroaches would be dying with the cold weather but they're not dying. Poor Elder Manwaring lost half a box of Lucky charms because they got infested. Lucky charms can't really be found in Korea except at Costco, so it was a pretty disappointing day. We're killing cockroaches with a new found vigor and fury.

Last Tuesday may or may have not been one of the most relaxing days of my whole mission. Tuesday was our P-day because of Missionary Leadership Council on Monday. So we went to the public bath house and worked out for a bit and then soaked on cold and warm and hot pools for 2 hours with sweet jets of water. BLISS.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!
Love, Elder Edwards

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