Sunday, November 16, 2014

김치 만드는 게 재미있다!!

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "It is interesting to make kimchi!")

This week was a good week. All of my thoughts of this week are kind of scrambled and in small segments, so I'll probably just write about this week in short, jagged paragraphs. Enjoy!

Sitting  in the foyer of the church.
Sometimes a lot of time gets spent in here waiting for appointments that are late.

Today, the reason for emailing late is because we went across Seoul and did a service project! And it was the coolest service project I've ever done... We made kimchi!! Every year in Korea around this time, everyone and their dog makes a boatload of kimchi to eat through the winter and until they make kimchi again next year. I'm not sure what all the ingredients are that go into making kimchi, but the part we worked on was putting the red saucey type stuff on the raw cabbage. It kind of shows what we did in the picture below. We were scheduled to do it for 7 hours, but because we're missionaries that know how to work hard we got it all done in around 4 hours. There were over 60 missionaries there! And the best part is, all the kimchi made will be given for free to people who need it or can't make it themselves. Yay for service!

We made TONS of kimchi today with a bunch of awesome ladies.

Elder (now Brother) Moon came to visit Dongdaemoon ward yesterday. He served in Taebeck for part of the time I was in Wonju and we went on a lot of exchanges then. He finished his mission back in the summer, and I thought that was the last time I would ever get to see him, but he came yesterday to visit ward members. It was really good to see him.
Elder (now Brother) Moon came to visit Dongdaemoon ward!

We visited a member last Monday night in the hospital. She's in her 50's and got blind sided by a car while she was riding her restaurant delivery motorcycle. Luckily nothing's broken... she has a fractured femur and a fractured rib. She seemed really happy to see us and we gave her some pepero (a Korean candy that has it's own holiday... look it up^^).

We had 3 meals with members this week! It was a lot of food.

We met with Brother Kim one last time to say that we wouldn't be able to continue meeting. It didn't work very well. Him and his friend totally turned the tables and they were teaching us and were trying to get us to meet them regularly so they could teach us more about "the secrets hidden in the Bible" and talked about how they would reveal "dark sayings of old" (Psalms 78:2). It was pretty creepy. But also kind of interesting. They used a lot of persuasion and flattery to try to keep meeting with us. We won't be meeting again, but I did definitely learn a few things about how to persuade people to meet with us.

Elder Weight and his sweet scarf.

While proselyting this week, we switched up a bit and went to quieter parts of the city and proselyted there. We sat with a lot of old guys on benches and talked with them about the gospel. Old people are usually harder to get to because they feel like we have nothing to offer to them or they're very deep rooted in the life style that they've had for the last 70ish years. But, we were able to find a few interested ones. One of the older guys just talked to us for a great while about how money is the most important thing in the world. It made me sad to realize that a lot of people live like that... continually focused on living well and earning as much as they possibly can. Aren't we blessed to know that there's a bigger picture? That God has a plan for us and we have things to do, things that carry eternal value!

All is well. Have a great week!

Elder Edwards

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