Sunday, September 7, 2014

동대문에 왔다

Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Came to Dongdaemun"

Hello! There's not a ton of time today, so this might be shorter and I won't be able to respond to any other emails... sorry.

I'm in Dongdaemun! Literally translated, it means East gate. And there are TONS of people here. Tons of people to talk too. Elder Lee and I had about an hour and a half of contacting time on the second day I got here (Wednesday), and we got triple the number of contacts I could have gotten in Wonju. It's so awesome. Proselyting is a lot more fun when there's enough people to talk too. We've already taught a few lessons, and have 3 baptisms lined up for the end of this month! Not all of them are for sure, and I don't know a lot about all of them, but it should be really good. 

Elder Leewonhyung = Elder Lee

Elder Lee is awesome. He's a really hard worker, he's not complacent, he's a great teacher, he dies (goes home) in January, and he's super funny. I'm having a blast with him and learning a ton. I thought that becoming a zone leader would be a huge teaching opportunity, not a learning one. But it has definitely been both. Being a zone leader is pretty cool. We had our first zone training meeting 2 days ago on Saturday, and it went well. Our zone covers 3 areas, and each area has 6-10 missionaries in it.

Our house is literally 20 feet away from the church... there's a big gate surrounding the church and the parking lot, and our house is INSIDE the gate. It's a big house, tons of room, but we have just one problem... cockroaches. Our house is crawling with them. Elder Lee and I moved a big board off the wall to rearrange the board, and 6 of the nasty little cockroaches had been chilling back there. We had a small fright which may or may have not included girlish screaming, and then got to work with some bug spray and a large rubber mallet kept in the house for the specific purpose of killing cockroaches. Today is going to be the big clean day that happens twice a year... So it should be really interesting waging war with nasty bugs. At least they're not spiders.

Me, Elder Leewonhyung, and President and Sister Christensen,
with me and Elder Lee wearing traditional wedding clothes
(it's Korean thanksgiving here, so tons of people wear them)

This weekend through until tomorrow is Choosuk, which is the Korean thanksgiving, and the second biggest holiday in Korea. Everyone goes to their hometown and chills there for a few days with family and eat tons of food and think about/make food for their ancestors. I don't know a whole lot about that part, but I heard they make food for their dead ancestors. So we had a mission conference on Saturday as well as a zone training meeting. Elder Lee and I wore sweet traditional wedding clothes, so we looked pretty awesome.

I love you all! I'll try to write more next week. There's so much to write about!
Love, Elder Edwards

Goodbye Wonju district :(

Elder Taylor and I and our pastor investigator. His hair is awesome.

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