Sunday, August 24, 2014

머리 잘랐다

Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Hair Cut."

Not a whole lot from this week... Except that we picked up a few investigators! Finally. One is a pastor for another church who is really interested in the Book of Mormon, and another is a man named Brother Hong, or Jeffrey, that the sister missionaries found on the street, who came to church yesterday. It was really cool... I was talking with him and asking him about his interests and why he wanted to come to church, but he responded that he didn't have time, and told me to call him later. Then he left. But, he came back 20 minutes later and said he wanted to learn more right then! So we grabbed a member and sat down with him and taught him about the church. Super cool. He said he had been praying to God for some happiness because of some hard things in his life, and he also said that he had interest in the Mormon church. It was cool being able to tell him that he could and would find that happiness here. I just hope I can meet him again before I get transferred. Transfer calls are on Friday and there's no way I'll get to stay in Wonju for another.

Our zone leaders.

I got a haircut last P-day. And the lady butchered it. So I just had Elder Taylor shave it all off and now I look like a large baby. Lame.

I really liked D&C 117:11 this morning... "... and be a bishop unto my people, saith the Lord, not in name but in deed..." The Lord doesn't call us to just have a title. He calls us to act. I should be a missionary in name AND in deed. "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." We must have faith, and we must also have works.

Heading to the church after street boarding.

Anyways. I hope you're all well and healthy and happy. The weather is good... switching between sunshine and really annoying misty rain. Companion relations are good. Kimchi still tastes good. I haven't been approached by too many drunk men lately. And life is good.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Some ping pong instruction.

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