Sunday, July 13, 2014

고기 뷔페

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Meat Buffet")

We had to drop one of our kind of progressing investigators this week. He's a 73 year old grandpa and he LOVED learning English with us. We did a program with 30 minutes of English and 30 minutes of Gospel for 6 weeks, and the last meeting was last week. :( When we told him that we couldn't continue to teach him English, he almost cried. He was pretty upset. He doesn't want to come to the normal English class because there's a lot of people. And he doesn't really want to learn a whole lot about the gospel. He wanted so badly to keep learning English with us, and when we said no it kind of crushed him. Elder Taylor and I felt like jerks, but we're not here in Korea to teach English. We do English on the side as a service, but the primary purpose is to preach the gospel. So we had to stop meeting. But, we'll hopefully go out to dinner with him this week and see him every once in a while after that. Sometimes dropping investigators is good because they're really not interested in anything we have to offer, but it really stinks dropping investigators when they want to keep meeting really bad.

Last Monday, we only emailed and then worked the rest of the day so we could have P-day on Wednesday in Gangneung. The Zone Leaders got permission to have P-day as a zone, so we had a sweet P-day together after Zone meeting. We went to a meat buffet. Holy. Cow. It was so good. There are little grills set into every table, and you just go to the refrigerated, raw meats, grab what you want, and take it back to your table and cook it. And they had unlimited ice cream and side dishes. I ate until I just about threw up.

Meat Buffet. With ice cream. That was a good day.

Church was really good yesterday. There were a ton of new faces in Sacrament meeting, and maybe the most people came that I've seen while I've been here in Wonju. Those are good days.

A family in our branch. (The Bay family)

I read D&C 19:32 recently. "...for this shall suffice for thy daily walk, even until the end of thy life." Life is one step at a time. Sometimes we don't feel like we have the strength to walk the last mile. But, we do have enough strength for another step. And then another. Sometimes we don't feel like we have the stamina to proselyte for the next 5 hours. But we do have the stamina to talk to one more person, and then another. Life is a daily walk. It's taken one good step at a time until we reach the end. And then we will rest from all our labors. We will always have enough strength to take the next necessary, small step.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

Elder Taylor and I with our couple's ties.

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