Sunday, July 6, 2014

가파른 치악산

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Steep Chee ak mountain")

Korean kids are so cute.

A good week. A lot happened. (A lot happens every week, but I feel like more new things happened this week.)

Fourth of July was good. It was weird to think back that a year ago I was celebrating the Fourth of July in the MTC. We didn't have any fireworks or sweet explosives, but we did sing some patriotic songs and then ate American food as a district at the church. We found a sweet foreigner store here in Wonju a few months ago that sells foreign candy, and we requested that they get some rootbeer, and they followed through!!! Even though it's $1.50 a can, it's worth it. That's the first time I've had rootbeer since the MTC. Good stuff. After our little party, we had a music night at the church with most of the branch and a bunch of less actives and recent converts and investigators. It went REALLY well. Elder Roskelley and I sang a duet, the 6 of us missionaries sang a 5 part arrangement of How Firm a Foundation, and it sounded great. A bunch of other members and nonmembers sang, played the piano, saxophone, clarinet, and harmonica. A good night. Those kind of activities are fantastic for getting less actives out and inviting investigators to something other than church.

4th of July party. (My first time having Rootbeer in almost a year).

Last Pday we hiked 치악산 (Chee ak mountain) as a district. We emailed at 9 and were on the mountain by 11:45 (it's a little far away). It was super steep and stairs almost the whole time for 5 kilometers. So that was kind of hard. But super fun. And the view was incredible.

Chee ak mountain.

For the past 2 weeks we've been playing soccer with some old dudes every morning. We get up at 6am and run down to the field and play for an hour. They're really grumpy, but I guess they really love soccer because they come out every morning. The funny thing is, about half of them are hungover every time we play. It's actually pretty fun playing except people that are hungover/slightly drunk. Their reflexes aren't nearly as fast so it makes dribbling around them a breeze. It also helps that I've got 40 less years under my belt.
Early morning soccer. The guy taking the picture put his fist up
and told us to do it, and we're all obedient. :)

A miracle happened this week. Elder Taylor and I were making calls in the church at about 7:30pm one night. The door opened to the office we were in, and Brother Kim walked in!!!! We hadn't heard from him for almost 2 months, and then he randomly walked into the church while we were magically there. It was a pretty joyful reunion. He's been in prison for the past 2 months... He beat up a kid that was beating up his friend, so he went to jail. But he's out now and as nice as ever. He came to the music night and said he'll be to church next week because he's busy this week. I'm not sure what exactly he wants, but we're going to be working with him and teaching him again. The biggest thing we need to solve now is to get him to hang out with a new group of friends. But he's back!

Life is good.
I love you all!
Love, Elder Edwards

The mountain we hiked last P-day. It's called 치악산 (Chee ak mountain). 

Our separate e-mailed responses to the picture above:
Laurel: "Whhhhaaatt?? Spencer! It sure looks like you are standing on the edge of... ack!"
Farrell: "OK.  You balancing on a railing that saves you from certain death = AWESOME."

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