Sunday, May 3, 2015

별일이 없었다

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "There was no big deal.")

A good, fairly uneventful week.

On Wednesday after district meeting Elder Jung and I went on exchanges with the zone leaders until Thursday night. Elder Jung stayed here with Elder Andersen and I went over to Junglang area with Elder Garff. Elder Garff was in the MTC with me and we came to country together. We didn't really know each other then, but somehow over the course of the past 2ish years we've become great friends. So we had a jolly old exchange together filled with proselyting and service in a kitchen for handicapped people and studies and working out and street boarding and gospel discussions. All the ingredients for a great 2 days. It's weird seeing these people that I have known since the MTC and realizing that there's really not a lot of time left... Neither of us think about it, and neither of us really talked about it, but it seemed even more real during that exchange. Time is strange. Us and the elders that came to Korea with us are the oldest in the mission and have been since March. Strange.

Exchanges with Elder Garff.
Elder Weight and his trainee, Elder Mcgargle, are in the back.

Other than that, Elder Jung and I spent the whole week proselyting. When Elder Weight and I would spend a whole week proselyting, we would usually talk to nearly 300 people, but Elder Jung and I do about half of that. Mostly because Elder Weight and I would split up at a busy crosswalk in Seoul, whereas here in Chuncheon there aren't very many people. And I have to take a little bit of a slower approach because I'm training Elder Jung. But anyways, it was a good week full of talking to lots and lots of people. Some were nice, most were busy, most were not interested, one told us to shut up after we said "Hello!" (I think he was having a bad day), and very few were interested. But we were able to talk to some cool people who we'll hopefully be able to pick up as new investigators this coming week.

The suits we got the other week came in the mail this week. Three full sized suits all crammed in a small cardboard box. Needless to say they are a little wrinkled, but they look really good.

The new suit.

The power went out a few nights ago, which messed up the water heater, which we didn't know how to fix at the time (we soon learned how.) So we took showers for 2 days with out hot water. Talk about a wake up call in the mornings.

Hiking with one of the families in the ward.
Isn't he the cutest?!?

There's a holiday in Korea tomorrow (Children's day), so as a result a lot of the members of the ward were with family and away from Chuncheon on Sunday. We barely had 15 people at church, counting the 6 missionaries. It was a small, quiet worship meeting. Try to imagine fast and testimony meeting with only 15ish people. And more than half of them are kids who don't really want to bear their testimony. But it was good. The Lord has said that where 2 or 3 gather in his name, He will be there also.

Life is good and I'm loving the work and the people here in the Republic of Korea. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Edwards

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