Sunday, April 12, 2015

헬로 에브리바디!

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "Hello Everybody!")

Me and my companion, Elder Jung.

It was a pretty good week. Looking back, I feel like not a lot has happened, but I'll scrounge as much as I can from my journal and see if I can't make this a semi-interesting letter.
The beginning of the week was a lot of proselyting. We started the week off chilling in a bath house (there's a really nice one near our house) on P-day and then proselyted all night. And then pretty much all day the next day. Elder Jung and I have been focusing on goals a little bit more recently, working to actually achieve them instead of just kind of setting a number and not really working super hard for it. But also focusing on the people, not just the numbers. So we've been able to talk to more people than we normally would and find some people who are kind of interested and also find some people who were really really not interested. There's an opposition in all things, right? On Tuesday, after spending 3 hours on the street we were heading to the church to meet with a man. We were still about a mile or so from the church when we hear a motorcycle come up behind us (it's kind of okay to just ride your motorcycle on the sidewalk in Korea) and a man yell "hey, missionaries!" We turned around to find a chinese food delivery guy excitedly getting off his bike and coming up to talk to us. Turns out that he used to attend a church, but hasn't attended a church for years now and is in a "spiritual slump" and wants God back in his life. On top of it all, he's even been wondering about the "Mormon church" for several years. It was awesome. We couldn't really teach him then because he didn't have time, but we set up an appointment and met him the next day! We taught the Restoration and he was pretty excited about the Book of Mormon and really grateful we gave him one. He can't come to church because of work (his only day off isWednesday), but he really wants to come to church and he's really interested. We'll be meeting him again this week!

Telephone boxes.

We had Zone training meeting on Wednesday. The zone leaders and sister training leader did a good job and gave a great training on the Book of Mormon and helping less actives. Elder Weight (my last companion) is now done serving in Dongdaemun and moved into our zone! He's also training. It was good to see him again.
This weekend was spent preparing for general conference and watching general conference. We helped set up the projector in the chapel to be watched by the Korean members, set up and downloaded it in English for the english speakers, and set up and downloaded it in Sinhala for Sister Wijethunge. There were a lot of languages going on in the church this past weekend. I loved all the conference talks, although it was rather hard to stay awake during the last session. Gospel music, fear of God, near death encounters with a cliff... it was all super good.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Edwards

Morning views from the roof.

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