Sunday, March 29, 2015

... 봄이 왔다. 완전 좋다

Translation courtesy of Elder Edwards: "Spring came. It's super good."

Time to email!

This week was pretty good. All of our investigators and potential investigators were either busy or didn't want to meet this week, so there weren't really any lessons. We had one lesson on Monday with a guy that we called off some potential investigator records, but he was either super shy or had some sort of social disorder, because he didn't say a single coherent word for the whole 45 minutes that we met with him. It was kind of awkward. But anyway, we didn't really have a lot of lessons, so we proselyted a fair amount and it was good. The rejections always feel worth it every time we find someone with a little interest who will at least stop and listen for a bit.

Waiting for the brownies that Elder Batschi made. :)

On Tuesday, Elder Batschi and I went on exchanges. They also couldn't really get appointments this week, so we were on our feet proselyting from 12 to 5, and then 6 to 8, and then made calls for an hour. On Wednesday Elder Jung and I headed down to Seoul for a "12 Week Follow Up" meeting on Thursday. All the trainers and trainee's do a program called "The First 12 Weeks" for the new missionaries first 12 weeks in country. We add on an hour to comp study and do things like role plays, learning how to teach the lessons, role plays, studying chapters in Preach my Gospel, role plays, learning about missionary work in general, and more role plays. It's good. The meeting was really good. Sister Christensen talked about patience and "waiting actively". Being patient doesn't mean just sitting around patiently and waiting for something to happen. It means hoping for something, understanding that we won't get it immediately, and then taking the appropriate steps to get there. Actively waiting. It applies to learning Korean, playing the piano, mastering a concept in school, becoming perfected, etc.

Brother Lee and the sisters. 
Brother Lee is an English class member and SO nice. 
He reminds me a lot of Grandpa Verlin.

Transfer calls came on Saturday! All of us will be staying except Sister McKloskey, who is transferring to Dongdaemun. It should be a good transfer. The weather is nice, the skies are clear, the winter coats are officially off, and life is good. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Edwards

Card stamping... These are some of the cards that we use to proselyte, and we have to stamp our number on them. It's surprising the amount of time that gets taken up just stamping cards. These took me about half an hour after planning.

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