Sunday, December 7, 2014

그분은 선물이다

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: "He is the Gift")

A good week! We had Pday on Monday, Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday, and Zone Training meeting on Wednesday. It was a bit of a stressful week, but a good one. The focus this month and the training we gave is about Preach My Gospel ch.8, Using Time Wisely. I'm excited about this focus and hope that Elder Weight and I can apply it well into our missionary work.

Watch "He is the Gift" on! Christmas is coming and Christmas is awesome!

Carrying our heavy boxes home from Costco.

Do you remember a Brother Choi from my very first transfer? Elder Goo and I taught him a few lessons, he came to church twice, he had a baptismal date and was totally going to get baptized, but then he got up in the middle of church and left and we never saw him again. Well, I found out at Mission Leadership Council from a missionary serving in Changwee that Brother Choi got baptized! They found him on the street again over a year after Elder Goo and I taught him, and he told the missionaries that he believes in the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price and that he wanted to be baptized! So he got baptized a few weeks later. That was super cool to hear.

Elder Weight and his sweet scarf.

It's super cold. I'm sure it's not nearly as cold as Russia where poor Connor is, but it's pretty cold here. I've also learned something on my mission. There's a very big difference between being really cold because you had to run from your house and get in the car and wait for 5 minutes for the heater to warm up, and going outside and proselyting for 4 hours. The first one is just a surface cold, and the second one is the kind of cold that gets down into your bones. We need to get more appointments and lessons with people so we're not outside for too long. :)

A drunk man bit my finger this week.

We came home last night after Ward Missionary Council to find the house INFESTED with cockroaches... way worse than normal. Luckily we have a sledge hammer and lots of flat shoes, so we just went ham on those things for about 30 minutes, pulling out the fridges and the couch and the garbage... We killed at least 200 last night. And then we got permission from President to skip studies this morning and just deep clean the house and get rid of anything and everything that could be attracting the terrible bugs.

Life is good! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Edwards

Weapons of destruction.
Some of the cockroaches that we killed last night. SO many cockroaches.

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