Sunday, October 26, 2014

모로나이의 모범

(Translation courtesy of Elder Edwards: "The Example of Moroni")

A good week. A little out of the ordinary, but definitely another good week. Elder Weight is still awesome and we're still working hard, so things are happy!

Elder Weight and I, emailing--right now.

Last P-day we went to a trampoline park! SUPER fun. We played tag and did tons of flips and I relearned how to do a backflip. All in all a very successful/fun P-day.

Trampoline park for P-day!!

We met Brother Kim, the guy I talked about last week, with a member on Saturday night. We had a sweet lesson plan with the Restoration and were super prepared to teach this guy who is so interested in the Book of Mormon. But then he came and just talked and talked about the bible for 30 minutes... I think he has the bible memorized. He just went off about Jesus and how we have to learn to live and a bunch of stuff that we already know, but I guess he decided that we needed to know this stuff again or something. And then he said that at the Second Coming, Jesus will come to Korea in the form of a Korean... Some pretty weird stuff. And it's kind of rude in Korean culture (and American culture) to stop/interrupt people, especially older people, when they're talking. BUT, he wants to hear the story of Joseph Smith, which we didn't have time to share, so we'll be meeting again. He also acknowledged and apologized for talking so long and said he wouldn't do it next time. Anyway, hopefully the next appointment will run a little better.

Me and a bunch of missionaries that I came into country with.
Our sisters go home at the end of November. ㅠㅠ

There were 2 baptisms in the Dongdaemoon ward yesterday! Brother Lee, who is the nephew of one of the members here, was taught by Elder Pronk and Elder Hendershot and then baptized by his uncle after sacrament meeting. Sister Kim was taught by Sister Atwater (who is from Kaysville!) and Sister Goo and Sister Thomas, and was baptized 3-ish hours after sacrament meeting. She's SUPER shy, so she didn't want a ton of people at her baptismal service, so it was held way after church ended. The sisters asked me to baptize her, and I did, so that was pretty cool. Now ours and the members' job is to make sure they stay active in the church!

Baptismal service for one of the sister's investigator!

I've been studying about Captain Moroni recently. In Alma 48:17, it says that if every man were like Moroni then "...the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men."  Wow. So what were Moroni's qualities? What made him untouchable to Satan?
  • Strong and mighty (v.11)
  • Perfect understanding (v.11)
  • Thankful (v.12)
  • Diligent (v.12)
  • Served others (v.12)
  • Firm in the faith of Christ (v.13)
  • His heart gloried in doing good, preserving (helping) his people, in keeping the commandments of God, and resisting iniquity. (v.16)
Those are all things that WE can do. We can all be a little more healthy, understand more, be more grateful, work harder, serve more, gain and exercise more faith, and happily do good, help, keep the commandments of God, and stay away from the bad stuff. This is stuff that we can all do. And if we do? Hell gets shaken up a little bit, the devil has a little less power over our hearts, and we gain power over our hearts. A pretty cool promise, if you ask me. So let us all work to be a little more like Moroni!

I love you all. Things are good and life is happy.
Love, Elder Edwards

Holding hands is pretty okay in Korean culture. This is a member of my ward :)

Riding the bus with Elder Manwaring.

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