Monday, May 12, 2014

국제 전화??

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate: International Phone??)

I found chocolate twizzlers in Korea!!!!! Dad!!!
But I didn't buy them because I'm poor. :(

A man tried to hire us into the company that he's working at this week. He met our Sister Missionaries on the street, and they gave him our number. We met with him (with the intent of giving him a Book of Mormon), but he just went off for about 10 minutes why his company was so great and why it was the right time to join this company. We very frankly and politely said no. So then he just asked us to tell people about his company while we were proselyting. We also very frankly said no. He was super persuasive, but we have a greater cause. Even if some weird health pill can change peoples lives.

Elder Roskelley. and me. on a bridge.

Elder Roskelley and I went on exchanges this week, which is wonderful and fun. We went up and proselyted at a university packed full of college students. I missed Utah State a little bit then. But we got to talk to tons of students, and they like us a lot better then the old guys on the streets. And, one of the teachers there had us give a presentation to his class of 40 people about our church and our english program! We got 14 numbers out of that one and a lot of students that said they would come to English class. And then we ate at a Mexican place, which was awesome. It's been a while since I've eaten a burrito.

Burrito. It tasted surprisingly Mexican.

Zone training was good. It was one of our Zone Leaders' last Zone training meeting, so he cried a little bit at the end. He's exactly a year older than me in the mission... time is such a weird thing. He goes home next month. And Chris and Sam and all of those people are all getting home in Septemberish!!! What?? Time is weird.

Zone meeting. Weird hugs are fun.

It was my birthday this week. But I'm still 21. Korean age is also weird. The Mother's Day phone call was great. Weird to hear peoples' voices, but really great.

Brother Kim didn't show up to church yesterday, and he's not answering our calls or texts. There were some hard things going on in his family, and his parents are in the process of getting divorced, so he's having a hard time. I haven't heard from him in 2 days, but I hope I'll be able to get a hold of him soon. He won't be able to be baptized this weekend, but we'll keep working with him until he's ready, or give him some time to be ready.

Life, and Korea, is good!
Love, Elder Edwards

Laurel here: Spencer's birthday was on Saturday.
We sent him the stuff he needed to make his own birthday cake.
Do they not have SPOONS in Korea?? Spencer! 
We also made a video that he was to watch once the cake was made. It had the traditional singing happy birthday, blowing out the candles and Edwards first bite so it was like we were there with him. He would watch and then the movie would say to pause and light the candles, etc...
Turns out that for Spencer's Birthday dinner they ate at McDonalds.

How ironic! To celebrate Spencer's birthday here, we went to a Korean restaurant. Spencer says he LOVES Korean food. His sisters simply couldn't see why. I won't tell you what Melissa said about Kimchee. !! 

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